Leather goods & Apparel



The leather lifestyle brand Aigner is one of the most well-known German luxury brands and spares no effort when it comes to the finest quality leathers, top-calibre workmanship and innovative design. Luxurious bags and exclusive accessories are the DNA of Aigner. The design of the collections brings together the excitement of the future and the heritage of the past, combining tradition with innovation.



Innovation, Functionality, and Modernity since 1851, these three principles symbolise the enduring pioneer spirit of founder Carl Franz Bally – an ethos that continues to imbue this authentic Swiss brand with its visionary commitment to cutting-edge techniques and world-class craftsmanship. Over 160 years after Bally was founded, leather remains its medium and inspiration; a fine natural material that serves both functionality and creativity. Every product is a testament to Bally’s passion for perfection: the punctuation of a brogue; the soft touch of a bag’s leather; the classic silhouette of a sartorial jacket; the elegant contour of a Bally heel.  Bally’s expertise and integrity have developed a culture of excellence that uplifts its collections to the status of artistic expressions. Today, Bally is the unique Swiss luxury shoe and accessories brand.



Etro is New Tradition, the sum of artisan know-how and creative experimentation. The venture began in 1968 when Gimmo Etro, the brand’s visionary founder, launched a production of highly prestigious fabrics, which he embellished with original designs and innovative colour ways. In 1981 the furnishing textiles line made its debut. The Paisley motif used to enrich the first collection was set to become the Etro mark of identity. By now the brand had also extended its offering to include RTW for both men and women, leather goods, accessories, sunglasses, perfumes, and home furnishing. The materials, the workings and a special talent with prints are what make Etro unique and unrepeatable.